About MumMy RoBot Studio

MumMy RoBot Studio成立以來,仍然有很多人不知道MumMy RoBot怎麼發音。
因此,在進一步了解 MumMy RoBot Studio 之前,我們想與您分享我們品牌的發音。
其實很簡單,就是MumMy RoBot [m'ʌmi r'ob, ʌt]。
MumMy RoBot Studio成立於2017年4月,由熱愛畫畫和娃娃的姐妹們成立。
隨著時間的推移和經營方針的改變,MumMy RoBot Studio現在專賣BJD商品。
未來,我們會努力增加各種與娃娃相關的優質商品,希望顧客來到MumMy RoBot Studio,都能買到自己喜歡的娃娃周邊。

Since the establishment of MumMy RoBot Studio, there are still many people who do not know how to pronounce MumMy RoBot.
So before getting to know MumMy RoBot Studio a little more, we would like to share with you the pronunciation of our brand.
It's actually very simple, it's MumMy RoBot [m'ʌmi r'ob, ʌt ].
"Mummy" and "Robot".
MumMy RoBot Studio was established in April 2017 by sisters who love drawing and dolls.
At first, the store sold cultural products and hand-made BJD peripherals.
We have invited domestic brands to sell in the store, which also includes the self-made products of the store members.
On weekends, hand-making classes are held at the store from time to time, and the classes include painting and making clothes for dolls.
On April 8, 2017, the first hand-crafting class in the store was held in cooperation with the JiWu Bookstore.
With the passage of time and the change of business policy, MumMy RoBot Studio is now specialty selling BJD merchandise.
In the future, we will strive to increase various high-quality products related to dolls, and hope that customers can buy their favorite products when they come to MumMy RoBot Studio.

YouTube Channel

We will share the unboxing of the doll or toy.
Now mainly in Chinese film production.
English subtitles will be added to the film in the future.

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